Linear Motors - Nature and Water Cooled

These are three-phase synchronous servomotors with windings distributed on the primary part excited by permanent magnets of the Nd-Fe-B type, which are part of the secondary part of the linear motor. The cooling of the primary parts of the L3S series is IC40 (natural cooling by the motor surface) or is provided by an integrated or additional cooler for the L3SK series - water cooling IC3W7.

Compact design in sizes with a force of 50 to 16000N, feed speed from 0.01mm/s to 15m/s and active surface width module of 25mm. Active width 25-250mm (size L3S025-L3S250).

L3S a L3SK Series Linear Motors Properties

  • High quality and production precision
  • High power density and power overload
  • Long service life and low operating costs
  • Possibility of increased coverage in the form of the L7S and L7SK series with a stainless cover

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