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About Moog Brno

VÚES Brno was established as a research and development center in August 1947 for Moravské elektrotechnické závodů (MEZ). The goal of the new center was to revive the engineering industry in the post-war years and to concentrate on the number of qualified experts needed for the development of new electrical machines and devices with Brno being at the center.

In the 1960s, the center's activities focused mainly on the development of low-voltage asynchronous motors for general use, high-voltage asynchronous motors up to 1000 kW, DC and AC commutator machines, alternators, DC aggregates for electrochemical purposes, rotary frequency converters and special motors for specific applications, e.g. commutator motor for rotary kilns of cement plants, rotary welders, rolling line drives, motors for grinding spindles, etc.

In 1964, the center for research and development was incorporated into the plant of the High Current Electrical Engineering Prague.

In the 1970s and 1980s, demands arose for the development of new commodities. Among the most important are dynamometers (direct current, vortex, and asynchronous), a series of low voltage asynchronous motors with an axis height of 90 to 355 mm, direct current motors for heavy traffic, electric drives of independent road traction (EMA electric cars, bus drive, and others), electric machines, aircraft equipment, and other projects.

In the 1990s, a technological breakthrough occurred in the use of rare earth permanent magnets in the field of electrical machines. This enabled VÚES Brno to develop a new series of synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets on the rotor, and by collaborating with the German company Bautz, they were successful in bringing the series to market. At the end of the 1990s, the development of synchronous linear motors began, which were introduced to the market at the turn of the millennium.

During economic transformation between 1990 and 1993, an independent development and production company was created. Since 2007 was known under the name VUES Brno s.r.o. In 2018, VUES Brno s.r.o. becomes Moog Brno s.r.o. by joining Moog Inc., a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision control components and systems. Since 2021, Moog Brno decided to specialize in the development, design, and production of special servomotors, servo actuators, and linear motors and moved to a new office and production facility in Brno Lišeň, enabling opportunities for further growth and development.

About Moog Inc.

The Beginning

In July of 1951, Bill Moog, Art Moog, and Lou Geyer pooled $3,000 and opened Moog Valve. They had limited resources, a primitive work facility in the corner of a dirt-floored airplane hangar, only a couple of potential customers, and one great product. Problem solving depended on their two resources: persistence and creativity. For Bill, Art and Lou, the word “can’t” did not exist and they inspired everyone who worked with them to do the same.






The Present

Today, our engineers have developed the capability to design and manufacture the most advanced motion control products for aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications – applications where precise control of velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid flow are critical. Our motion control portfolio has expanded to include all forms of actuation technology, sophisticated control electronics, and system software.

We are a leading integrator of precision motion control systems and our products reflect the culture that our people embrace – a culture where the opportunity to solve a challenging control problem is always welcomed.

The Future

Innovation is how we grow as a company. We are investing in future technologies that we believe will have a great impact in industries from space, defense, aircraft, industrial, medical, and more. We're leveraging new technologies with our amazing employees to come up with groundbreaking ideas.






Culture and Values

Our culture is unique and unconventional. Together, we are very closely involved in the production of our products, we are driven forward by the meaningful use of our portfolio in diverse markets. We value the fact that our work also includes development and innovation. Whether it's ensuring a safe landing on Mars with our technology or supporting breakthrough innovations in aviation, together we're accomplishing amazing things. Above all, we value the skills and commitment of our employees. Those of you looking for inspiring and meaningful work in a friendly and respectful family-type environment will feel right at home at Moog.

The foundations for the creation of the Moog group were laid in 1951 in the United States of America, in the western part of the state of New York. From the very beginning, our culture has been an important part of who we are.

Our values ​​express who we are, how we operate and how we treat each other. When we face challenges, we know we're all in this together. Trust, collaboration and an inspiring work environment are just some of our values.

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    Trust is a Must


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    Communication is Crucial

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    We're All in this Together


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    Competence is King

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    We Try Harder


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    It’s My Job

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    Formality Doesn’t Help

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    We have to be Adaptable and Ready to Change

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    Performance and Commitment Should be Rewarded

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    Work Should be an Enjoyable Experience

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    Your Personal Life is Important


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    We Look for Solutions, Not Someone to Blame