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Industrial Machinery

Metal Forming and Presses

Modern manufacturing industries demand high performance applications able to deliver greater productivity, excellent parts quality and lower operating costs in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. Moog’s expert engineers have many years’ experience of meeting such challenges across industries ranging from plastics manufacturing, to metal forming and pressing and iron and steel production.


Industrial automation is a long-lasting trend extending to a full range of industries, each with its own specific requirements. Thanks to our ability to customize products according to customer needs, Moog Brno has carved out a significant position in the fields of industrial robotization and automation.

Material Handling

We deliver precise automation technology and rugged designs for longer life performance that boosts the productivity of your material handling operation. Moog’s high performance servo motors and linear motors meet the robust requirements of material handling applications. Moog provide customized solutions with focus on reliability and high quality.
Today’s material handling technologies cover a broad range of applications and factory equipment.  Many companies are looking for new ways to automate the handling process utilizing more efficient and cost-effective strategies.  Automated systems focus on optimum performance of the equipment for more repetitive tasks.