About us

Moog Brno s.r.o. was founded in 1947. We deal with designing, manufacturing and testing of linear motors and servomotors.  We have a quality system according to ISO 9001 and an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001 in place.


Moog GmbH is a sister company based in Griesheim (DE) providing the sales of selected products from Moog Brno s.r.o. in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Company history

The research and development centre (VUES Brno) for companies within MEZ (Moravian Electrical Plants) in August 1947 was founded based on the necessity of the post-war restoration of engineering with the aim to concentrate a sufficient number of qualified specialists for development of new electric machines and instruments. So specialists from individual companies of MEZ headed for Brno.

Until the end of the 1960s, the development capacities of VUES Brno were focused on covering these needs. These included, in particular, development of low-voltage induction motors for general applications, high-voltage induction motors up to 1000 kW, DC and AC commutator machines, alternators, DC units for electrical purposes, rotary frequency converters, and special motors for specific applications (commutator motors for rotary cement kilns, rotary welding machines, rolling mill train drives, motors for grinding spindles, etc.).

In the 1970s and 1980s, demands for development of new commodities arose. Out of these, it is necessary to mention particularly the series of dynamometers (DC, eddy and asynchronous dynamometers), the series of low-voltage induction motors with axis height 90 to 355 mm, heavy-duty DC motors, electric drives for independent road tractions (electric-powered vehicles EMA, bus drive, BELAZ dumper drive), electric machines and equipment for aeronautical engineering, and other projects.

Within the further restructuring, VUES Brno was incorporated into the combine ZSE (Heavy-Current Electrical Engineering Plants) Prague. The main task was to continue, in cooperation with MEZ companies (Brno, Brumov, Frenštát, Mohelnice, Náchod, Vsetín, and BEZ Bratislava), technical development of electric machines and electric control drives up to 1000 kW. VUES Brno performed this function until 1990. The production of electric machines in ZSE Prague's companies, for which VUES Brno provided development of innovation, reached 5 million machines of various types per year.

In the period of the economic transformation in the years 1990-1993, VUES Brno was transformed from the original research and development institute to a development and production company.

In 2018 VUES Brno became a part of Moog group of companies with the corporate mother company Moog Inc., shares of which are traded on NYSE. As a result of this integration the name of the company was changed to Moog Brno s.r.o.