low speed induction motors

  • Long service life – calculated 110 000 running hour, lubrication interval 3 years/15 000 running hours.
  • Undemanding and inexpensive maintenance. Return on investment compared to the classic solution motor with gearbox is about 5 years.
  • Protection of environment – removal of gearbox system avoids use of oil and grease in big quantity.
  • No downtime due to gearbox failure.
  • Our motors are designed as singlespeed, dual speed and operating with inverter for the most economical operation.
  • Designed for humid environment up to 100 % relative humidity with up to +60 °C of delivered moist air.
  • Reduced noise and vibration.
  • Low assembly costs.
  • Customized solution to meet your technically demanding requirements.

data sheets

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